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Eat Healthy; stay healthy as the best organic fruits and vegetables now available in MiTAgro Exports at the best price.
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Indian Spices
Buy Indian Spices at best quality in India. You can shop from a wide range of Indian Spices at MiTAgro Exports.
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Leafy Vegetables
MiTAgro Exports provides organic, Pesticide-free and healthy & tasty green leafy vegetables at best price & best quality
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Rice & Wheat
Rice and Wheat is a healthy source of carbohydrates and more. Shop Rice & Wheat at India's leading exporter MiTAgro Exports. ...
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Edible Oil
Oils are an essential part of cooking. Not only do they add flavour to your dishes but are also great ways to add to your daily nutritional value.
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"Back To Nature"

Find the perfect organic food

  “Back to Nature” is the principal source of all our efforts.  It is a sincere and well-planned response for the wake-up call from nature. We, a team of youngsters from South India, by means of reinventing ourselves, have endeavored on this homecoming. The major sources of nature on this earth being glowingly depleted by the so-called human made scientific devices and methods, these homecoming efforts are the need of the hour for the mankind. Keeping in mind the imminent threats the whole earth will face in future, the team systematically organizes its procedures from our very soil to every human hand without the stain of technology. 

All our present efforts are mainly centered on the organic products. This priority is natural since the consumption of our daily food items is increasingly unfit for eating and slowly becoming adverse for health. Knowing each and every healthy hazard in each stage of a food item from its production to its selling, the team takes on the maximum efforts to keep away from all the forms of science and technology and cling on to the nature.     


Why Us


Products at best price in India. Select from a large collection of One-Stop-Shop Products and shop at Mitagro Organics…


Ensuring we work & communicate transparently with trust & integrity among our Customers, Employees and Shareholders…


Uncompromised Quality is one of the major strengths of Mitagro and we have great pride in demonstrating in our quality.

Our Products

Fresh Fruits

Eat Healthy; stay healthy as the best organic fruits. Organic foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research.

Fresh Vegetables

Now you and your family can stay healthy easily as Organic vegetables are now available in Mitagro We provide hygienically packed fresh vegetables to our clients.

Leaf vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber but low in calories.

Jaggery powder & cubes

Pure Organic Sugarcane Jaggery cube Big and small are available. Popular as a healthy alternative for sweetening, the finest quality Jaggery is offered by us.

Rice & Wheat

Choose whole grains over processed varieties, such as hand pounded rice, organic basmati rice and wheat flour. Rice and wheat are commonly consumed cereals in the world, and thеу are considered аѕ staple crops.

Indian Spices

The Indian spices define the whole flavor of food. These spices are extracted from the natural ingredients and are enriched with natural aroma, taste and minerals.

Our Brands

MITA Naturals

MITA gro

MITA Farm fresh